These are the water protection areas of Åland

In the year 1988 three water protection areas were established in Åland to secure the access to clean water and to prevent pollutions.

The water protection areas, ie the catchmet areas of the lakes, are marked on tha map in green. The catchment area of a lake is the area of land in which precipitation will reach the lake through runoff and ground water, and nutrients and toxic compounds might be transported with the water to our drinking water supply.







Jomala and Finström.




Other water sources

Toböle träsk, Saltvik.
Oppsjön, Kökar.
Borgsjön, Sund.
Lavsböle träsk, Saltvik.
Gröndalsträsk, Geta.

These drinking water sources do not have any water protection areas yet.

Today we have a high quality of source water in Åland, but the quality is declining. We are living in a time of climate change, increasing population and decreasing resources.

To secure future access to clean water we have to take care of the lakes which provide us with our source water